Monday, 11 March 2013

The 360 Rig

The Controversial 360 Rig Explained

Ever since the 360 rigs conception and introduction into the Carp fishing world it has often been the subject of debates by Carp anglers as to whether the unorthodox pop up style rig is safe or unsafe.Carp Anglers UK helps put to bed some of those often asked questions about the rig.Read about the rig and it's humble beginings at the hands of one of the countries leading big Carp anglers in our Rigs section.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

We have A Winner

                           TF Gear V10 Reel Competition
Congratulation to the winner of our christmas competition Simon Kilincarslan from Bridport the 3 V10's are on their way to you as we speak,we hope they serve you well and once again well done.
Our next competition will be in February so make sure you pay us a visit to see whats up for grabs.

Monday, 7 January 2013

TF Gear V10 Reel Competition Reminder

Only 5 more days to go before the winner of our 3 x TF Gear V10 Distance Reels is announced so if youv'e not entered already don't miss the opportunity.(See earlier post for entry details)

Essential Waders

Waders,not at the top of every carp anglers list of kit but certainly here at Carp anglers UK they are classed as essential.Lets face it getting your feet wet can put pay to your session as moral can quickly drop when trhe cold sets in through being wet and at worst there could be some sort of cold related illness that gets hold of you if your not prepared.Just knowing you have a set of waders at your disposal can boost your confidence especially if you know you may have to get your feet wet,there's also the advantage of being able to get some great camera shots with you and your prize in the margins but that's secondary.
       Off putting to many may be the price of a pair of waders but offer waders to everybody men,women and children at a very competetive price.Polyurethane or neoprene,chest or thigh absolutely any size can have you kitted out for as little as £49.99 a small price to pay for keeping dry healthy and confident on the bank.
If your looking to kit yourself out with some waders then why not have a look here inexpensive good quality essential item for any serious angler.

Monday, 31 December 2012

TF Gear V10 Reel competition

Just a quick post to remind those wishing to take part,that the TF Gear V10 reel competition will be closed on the 12th January 2013 so if your out for a good set of distance reels why not enter?Good Luck.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Carp Anglers UK Classifieds

 Our Classified section is taking off
Carp Anglers UK Classifieds section has started to take off. The service is free and simple to use.
To place an add send details including any relevant information such as contact details, condition, price and a picture of the item (if possible) to : 
Please be aware.The Classified facility is for the sale or trade of Carp tackle Exclusively. CAUK appologises to those who may want to sell/trade course tackle from other disciplines but as a result in activity on our classified section we are only able to accomodate adds for Carp tackle.
Goto the classified section for full details.

CAUK Xmas Competition

                           CAUK Christmas competition

                                  We are giving away 3 of these great looking V10 reels by
                                  TF Gear for our christmas prize draw.To enter leave your
                                  details in the contact box and you will be sent an email to
                                  confirm your entry.Good Luck.

The V10 by TF Gear will put yards on your casts.