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I have been a keen angler since the age of 8 fishing for whatever i could catch and finding that i had an aptitude for catching fish.After i had been fishing for a couple of years i started to get a very good understanding of how my quarry behaved leading to ever more increasing catch results.I started to enter a few matches going on to win individually as well as within team situations.I then was chosen to represent my school winning the junior class nationwide championships twice before being asked to represent Greater Manchester transport as captain of their junior team gaining victories in numerous weekend and midweek leagues across the country.It was whilst fishing in these situations that i began to encounter some very big fish which on a regular basis destroyed my light match set ups which at that age i found sole destroying,the large fish that were taking me apart on so many occasions were none other than the magnificent carp.It was at this point that i decided to focus my attention on targeting these specimen fish and have been doing so ever since.Targeting large carp never loses any of it’s attraction for me as there always seems to be a constant learning curve and although i have had some massive fish over the years and become a very competent carp angler i know there is still a lot that i have to learn about these fish and the ever changing techniques in which to get them in the net.
Lots of my success at this sport has been due to the knowledge i have gained from other anglers who i find are probably the most unselfish class of sportsmen there are and i am always more than willing to learn what others have to teach as well as teaching others what i know,it’s satisfying to know someone is benefiting from what you have taught them and equally rewarding when you get good results from something newly taught to you.I believe that what you give out in life will come back to you in one form or another and it’s this philosophy that has spurred me on to start this blog.Whilst out fishing i lose count of the amount of times i get folk of all ages asking me how or why i am doing something in that particular way and to explain and get through to them is personally rewarding.
So i hope that by starting this blog it will result in the establishment of a community with a common interest in carp fishing and all it’s many aspects,i hope the carp blog will attract anglers of all abilities so those who posses good knowledge of the sport can educate those willing to learn and better their craft thus resulting in better conditions for us all,pulling together will safeguard our sport and conserve our fish stocks which are totally fundamental to our sport.
If your just beginning in the world of carp angling and want to find out specific information or if your part of the elite with some spare time to leave some of your valuable knowledge then please return and help us build an online carp anglers community that can benefit us all,the growth of UK carp anglers will take time to build as with any community but it will grow,thanks for reading this far and please return as your input is important.
If you have any queries as to how you can help the please email me.


  1. the pop unders are a pain in the ass,you need sort them out yoov'e got a good blog in the making the pop unders spoil it.

  2. Our apologies,will get them sorted out,i was actualy thinking the same thing as your comment came through.