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 Fish kill at Cemex's Longfield Road Lake

 Cemex anglings Longfield Road Lake has been the scene of a mass fish kill incident.There has been no confirmation yet as to what has caused the deaths of the fish but there are early reports that a gill disease may be the cause.Lots of the original fish at the venue have perished and others left fighting for their lives.News of this sort is the last thing Cemex need at the moment as they are selling off their venues.Anglers who have used the lake recently are being urged to get their nets,mats,weigh slings ect disinfected as soon as possible.

48Lb Roath Lake Carp,Biggest from Wales Yet.

Welsh Record.Anthony Tanti with the 48Lb specimen

A big common carp weighing 48Lb has become the biggest carp caught in Wales to date.The Roath Lake specimen put in it's appearence for Cardiff angler Anthony Tanti during a two day session on the 30 acre Cardiff water.49 year old Anthony used shelfish sense appeal homemade baits to persuade the giant welsh common into picking up his hookbait. Presented on a size 7 Nash Fang Twister hook a Nash hooklink and safety bolt leader at a range of 30 metres was obviously the Cardiff tilers winning strategy.Well done Anthony that's a magnificent fish.  


UK Grass Carp Record Broken

Sorry about the pic guys it's the only one we can get for now
This is the first time a Grass carp has featured on Carp Anglers UK, as mentioned it's not the species that instantly pops into your head when you think of carp but we Carp Anglers UK pay homage to these fantastic looking creatures and to the man who has just broke the UK record,a common or mirror of this size would be the fish of a lifetime but a Grassie that size,well some anglers don't even manage to catch a Grass carp in their lives,the stuff dreams are made of!

Record Carp 101Lb worlds first
It was a matter of time until the world carp record was broken and that time came ending in the capture of the first carp to be caught ever to have weighed over 100Lb's.The fish weighed just over 101Lb's and was caught by Austrian angler Roman Hanke from Lake Balaton in Hungary.The previous record fish Scar weighed 99Lb and inhabits French fisheries Les Graviers that capture belonged to British angler John Bryan in 2010 and yes we know this is a UK carp blog but a fish of that size and weight needs to be reported on wherevere it is in the world.
Congratulations Roman on your catch,what a fish wow.
Roman Hankes 101Lb mirror carp

40Lb 2oz First for Ireland 
Ireland's first carp to weigh over 40 Lb has been caught during a 72 hour session at Maynooth fishery in County Kildare.Andrew Doyle caught the historic mirror named "Big Hole" using a Mainline boilie hookbait together with pva bags of freebies over a bed of hemp,obviously the winning tactic and one that has put Andrew into the Irish carp record books.Carp records are awfully difficult to break in the British isles so Andrew should be over the moon with his fantastic catch.
Andrew Doyle with Big Hole weighing 40Lb 20z

CARP NEWS :  41Lb 10 oz Moon scale caught on snowman
 Richworth Linear Fisheries complex  25-acre Unity Lake has produced a big mirror known as Moonscale for  Nick Harrison.The fish at 41 Lb 10 oz was caught out by a snowman presentation consisting of Mainline cell boilies fished at 80 yds range over a scattering of freebies.Despite the freezing conditions Nic was able to tempt the fish using  a 20lb Korda N-Trap hook link and a size 6 Gardner Incizor hook. Well worth a shiver!

Nick Harrison with Moonscale
weighing in at 41 Lb 10 oz.
Worth pullin your hands out of
your pockets for eh?

Predation a threat to our sport
The Predation action group

If you UK anglers are looking for a cause to get behind then the following is surely a righteous one.Our beloved sport is under a threat that is quite real and it effects every kind of angler in the country from Trout to Tench and Chub to Carp, game and course anglers alike the devastation being caused by three main culprits has brought about the formation of a group to survey the damage and look for a realistic solution to the problems our angling and fisheries face from the predators decimating our freshwater fish stocks.
The Predation action group has been formed to research the effects of predation on angling and fisheries in Great Britain.Our angling and fisheries are under threat and the delicate balance of nature is being destroyed.The spread of imported American signal crayfish has meant that all our fisheries food sources and indeed the very eggs the fish lay are being depleted both in our rivers and in our lakes.Other concerns are the effect of predation from the Cormorant who's natural fishing ground,the sea,are being stripped of fish which has resulted in the Cormorant being driven inland to feed,based on the numbers of known inland Cormorant colonies top angler John Wilson has been able to rationalize that they account for up to 58,000,000 irreplaceable small fish every year,and the Cormorants numbers are set to grow.58,000,000 is no small number the effect of predation by the Cormorant on our angling and fisheries is enough to drive fish stocks to extinction levels in some parts of the country and the effects of predation by the Otter has yet to have it's mention.In the 70's a program to rear Otters in captivity was set up with the plan to re-introduce them back into the wild.A 2010 Environment agency survey has revealed that the spread of the Otter,with it's wantant appetite,has been far reaching as they are now present in nearly all parts of the country.The knock on effect that all three of the predators have looks set to leave our beloved sport in tatters.Cormorants and Crayfish are destroying the small fish food chain encouraging Otters to look elsewhere for their food thus the impact on specimen fish has been alarming.Specimen Barbel populations have all but been wiped out and the Otter has also been responsible for some major damage to an ever growing number of Carp fisheries.The protected status of the Otter and Cormorant present the fishery owners and fish farmers with a difficult position.Do these people not have the right to protect their livestock's and livelihoods?At present we spend £25,000,000 a year on licenses,a large sum of money which the Environment agency supposedly use to protect our fish stocks maybe there should be more emphasis on predation from the Environment agency when it comes to spending the money raised from the licenses we have purchased.
The Angling trust is the representative body for all fishing in England,it is to the Angling trust that the findings of the PAG will be presented,the Anglers trust are there to look after the interests of the anglers but they are already spread thin and are massively underfunded.The Predation action group intend to put together a convincing case leading to some measure of control of these predators.The PAG is a voluntary group with all committee members working on pure passion for the future of our sport and the livestock needed to sustain it.The PAG's findings will be reported to the Angling trust in the hope it will have the desired effect,but it may become necessary to lobby the government directly which in itself will be very expensive with an estimated cost of £50,000.This is were we can help.The PAG needs funds in order to be prepared to take the fight to the next level,none of the money raised will be used to pay anyone for their voluntary efforts.We as serious anglers get a lot out of our sport which is now in danger and a collective response to this danger is what is needed to restore the balance.A minimum donation to the PAG is all that would be needed to stand them in good stead if the time arises.Predation is real,it is a real problem,the threat to our freshwater fish stocks are real and are not going to go away without action,please support The Predation Action Group by making a small donation,the future of our sport is on the line!
For a detailed and comprehensive explanation on the effects of predation as well as details on how to make a donation visit or simply click on the link.

2012 world carp classic tournament

The JRC sponsored 2012 world carp classic approaches,the event will be staged at Lake Bolsena in Italy.The competition commences on Monday the 3rd September and ends Saturday 8th September.From looking at the venue on the competitions official website you would be hard pushed to find a more scenic venue for this prestigious event anywhere else in Europe.To find out more on the JRC 2012 carp world classic follow the link.

Future Carp Angling events

Carp anglers UK will keep you up to date with all the main carp fishing conferences with detailed reviews of each event as they pass,so if you want to know whether or not it is worth attending next time bookmark the blog or even better press the follow button and be kept up to date.

Carpin on 2012

CARPIN’ ON is the UK’s ultimate annual carp fishing show, covering all aspects of carp angling and bringing all the biggest brands in carp fishing under one roof, including Korda, Fox, Nash, Trakker, Delkim, Linear Fisheries, Eric’s Angling, Danson Angling and more.

Carpin' On 2012 will take place on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March 2012 at Five Lakes, Crown Plaza Resort, Colchester.

To order your ticket or call 01430 440624.
Buy your ticket to this year's Carpin' On in advance and you could be the lucky winner of a 48-hour session on Kevin Nash's exclusive Church pool with Crafty Carper magazine Editor Jerry Bridger and Carp-Talk weekly Editor Simon Crow.
Fill in your details on the back of the ticket and you'll be entered into the prize draw on entry to the show! Easy!
Winner will be drawn on the main stage at Carpin’ On on Sunday 4th March 2012.
If you aren’t present at the draw we will contact you directly.
Dates for the prize are subject to availability.
Tickets are £10 plus 50p booking fee. Under 12's FREE - Proof of age required
For details on the show and directions visit for more details
Click the above link for your chance to win a wad of cash or mystery prizes.

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