Monday, 31 December 2012

TF Gear V10 Reel competition

Just a quick post to remind those wishing to take part,that the TF Gear V10 reel competition will be closed on the 12th January 2013 so if your out for a good set of distance reels why not enter?Good Luck.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Carp Anglers UK Classifieds

 Our Classified section is taking off
Carp Anglers UK Classifieds section has started to take off. The service is free and simple to use.
To place an add send details including any relevant information such as contact details, condition, price and a picture of the item (if possible) to : 
Please be aware.The Classified facility is for the sale or trade of Carp tackle Exclusively. CAUK appologises to those who may want to sell/trade course tackle from other disciplines but as a result in activity on our classified section we are only able to accomodate adds for Carp tackle.
Goto the classified section for full details.

CAUK Xmas Competition

                           CAUK Christmas competition

                                  We are giving away 3 of these great looking V10 reels by
                                  TF Gear for our christmas prize draw.To enter leave your
                                  details in the contact box and you will be sent an email to
                                  confirm your entry.Good Luck.

The V10 by TF Gear will put yards on your casts.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

JRC Ultracast rod competition results.

Congratulations to Damian Coyle of Rotherham Yorkshire who has won the two JRC Ultracast rods.Hope they serve you well and aid you in the capture of many beautiful carp,enjoy.Don't forget to send us pics of any carp you catch with your new wands,well done and tight lines.CAUK.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Were Back!

Sorry for the absence these past few weeks but due to work commitments it has been unavoidable but the good thing is we have both been able to try out a few bits and bobs of tackle and as from Friday we will be back with a vengence.So keep a look out and we will continue to do our bit for UK carp fishing.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

JRC Ultracast rod competition

JRC Ultracast rod competition reminder

Don't forget Carp Anglers UK are giving away a pair of 3Lb TC JRC  Ultracast Rods to one lucky person and all you have to do to be in with a shout is fill in the formlogix contact box.September 3rd at 12.00pm is the deadline,any entries after that time will not be included in the draw.
For more info on the whys and what's see the other post,it explains things in more detail.Good Luck.

Monday, 9 July 2012

North West Carp

North West Carp forum
Any compulsive Carp angler with access to a computer and internet will be or have been,(at one time or another),a contributing member of a forum and by far the most popular forum for carp anglers we have encountered is the North West Carp forum.We here are both members and there's not many of our associates that aren't signed up with them.The North West Carp forum is a great platform for debate or general banter with your pals aswell as somewhere you can gain valuable knowledge due to the first class advice it's members are willing to share.The North West carp forum is a great asset to our angling discapline accomodating some great characters who are also an asset to our sport.
The moderators of the forum are always more than willing to help their members out,friendly,firm but fair your manners and respect towards fellow forum members will hold you in good stead with the site with a chance to build your forum status simply by contributing.Start your own threads or comment on others are a couple of ways you can enhance your forum status or simply read away.Remember though the forum is aimed at all ages male or female so any derogetory comments will quite rightly be removed and you may also lose your membership.
The quality and content of the forum are exellent and although it may sound regional please don't be put off. North West Carp are open to anglers nationwide,membership is free and only takes a minute.
Whatever your interest in carp fishing the North West Carp forum will have something of interest for you so if your looking to join a decent forum North West Carp are to be seriously considered.


Friday, 6 July 2012

Great Northern Fishing Show

The Great Northern Fishing Show is just around the corner.Cudmore Fisheries in Newcastle under lyme,Staffordshire will host the show which will see lots of the Carp angling elite mixing with the attendees aswell as top manufactures who will be displaying their wares including the likes of Korda,Trakker,Nash,Delkim,Diawa,Mainline and that's just a few.Theres going to be loads of stuff to wet the appetites of all us carp crazy folk,especially if the weathers good.So if you can make it you should but just incase you can't Carp Anglers UK will be there and we will fill you in on all you missed.
The Great Northern Fishing Show 14/15 July 2012 @ Cudmore Fisheries,Newcastle under lyme,Staffordshire.
If you read the popular angling publications The Great Northern Fishing Show is being billed on the same advertisment as the Carpfest events which have free entry.The Great Northern Fishing Show is NOT FREE ENTRY.Tickets are available in advance but you will be able to pay on the gate.For more information see

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Underwater secrets

The submersible camera and the filming of Carp in their natural environment has become a great asset to us anglers who target the species.The abillity to examine the way the creatures behave around the rigs and bait that we have dropped into their homes has progressed our understanding of the carp and their routines far beyond the point of just being able to peer down through the waters layers with a pair of polaroids.
Brought to the attention of the Carp angling community by tackle giants such as Korda and subaqua photographers like Rob Hughes,the use of underwater cameras is set to become more popular as time passes,without doubt.
However,and i am no expert on this subject,but the filming of the Carp or indeed any other fish being angled for in their home environment must take skills surpassing the average keen photographer so for me it's easy to appreciate such undertakings as they bring masses of help to the way i approach my fishing,as i am sure it is the same for alot of other fanatical Carp fishermen.
Underwater Secrets is a site who's author has obviously got the gift/art of underwater filming down to a fine art.From the very first time i visited the site i was fascinated by the quality of the recorded footage.The site authors simple text that is written with each of their videos doesn't try to explain anything away in a know all fashion rather you are left to make up your own mind on what is happening and why.What has been put in the water in terms of rigs and bait are not overly explained,but there's enough for you to make an informed opinion on what's going on down there,besides if there is anything more you want to know about each piece of footage then you only have to ask.Underwater Secrets are obviously more than happy to answer any of your questions judging by the contact links on the site.Lay out and navigation are simple so going back and forth between videos is easy.Filmed in the Darenth valley area over the past 5 years and having a musical soundtrack rather than a narrated one Underwater Secrets is a great site uncomplicated in a lot of ways but totally invaluable in all the right ways.This site is fantastic and were hoping they keep the videos going up on the site for as long as possible.Brilliant!.
Follow this link to Underwater Secrets or you can get to it through your browser,whichever way you get there if your mad about your Carp fishing then you simply need to visit this site.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cemex Longfield Road Lake Fish Kill

 Cemex anglings Longfield Road Lake has been the scene of a mass fish kill incident.There has been no confirmation yet as to what has caused the deaths of the fish but there are early reports that a gill disease may be the cause.Lots of the original fish at the venue have perished and others left fighting for their lives.News of this sort is the last thing Cemex need at the moment as they are selling off their venues.Anglers who have used the lake recently are being urged to get their nets,mats,weigh slings ect disinfected as soon as possible.

48Lb New Welsh Carp Record

The Welsh carp record has been broken in style with the capture of a 48Lb common fron Roath Lake.(Full report in the carp news section.)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

JRC Ultracast rods up for grabs

2 x 12ft 3Lb TC  JRC Ultracast rods up for grabs
So here it is Carp Anglers UK's first competition,we've got 2 12ft 3Lb TC JRC Ultracast rods (retail price £109.99) to give away to the one CAUK blog visitor lucky enough to have their name drawn out of the hat at random and all you have to do to enter is fill the contact form out on the right hand side of the screen.Only leave your contact telephone number in the description panel as this and email will be the way the winner will be notified.The draw takes place on Monday the 3rd of September 2012 at 12.00pm,the winner who's name gets randomly drawn from the hat will be notified at once.
Good luck to all that enter.

(conditions of entry)
The draw is only open to UK residents
Only 1 entry per email address
Entries will only be accepted via the formlogix contact form on the CAUK blog,entries sent to email links from any of the posts or review articles will not be entered.

Our first competition

The past couple of months have been pretty good as far as our audience goes and it's steadily getting bigger but we would like it to be even better and we are always searching for ways to better ourselves.We are by no means perfect and neither of us have computer skills that would get us head hunted by Microsoft.However we love fishing and when it comes to the subject of carp fishing we just can't get enough.Luckily we have been fortunate to have some very understanding folk in the industry who have taken a look at what were up to and have been kind enough to help us out in little ways such as passing us the odd bit of tackle to review and inviting us to fish their venues in exchange for a mention on our blog.We now have Facebook and Twitter pages linked to the blog and things just seem to be falling into place slowly.Our most important goal would be to service the carp angling community (whatever proficency) with news,reviews,tips ect,ect you know all the things a good blog should have included in them and so we now think it's time to run our first competition and it's definately worth entering.Our next post will have full entry details so if your feeling lucky and could do with some new tackle then your just gonna have to take a look at the next post,it's worth a look what have you got to lose?

Friday, 22 June 2012

Carp Tackle online with free delivery on everything

If your after carp tackle at reasonable prices and also don't mind shopping online then the site i am about to spill the beans on might be for you.After getting the nod on a couple of online tackle shops by a pal of mine and knowing he had a good nose for a bargain i decided to check out the sites he had told me about.After having a look through the recommended sites there was one that caught my eye.Not because it was an ultra fancy site with every widget known to man on it,neither did it boast to sell every product under the sun,but it did deal exclusively in carp tackle and their deliveries to UK mainland addresses are free.See that is a rarity in itself alot of other online tackle shops will actualy charge you extra if you only wanted a packet of say lead clips.I know one online tackle peddler who if you were to order a single packet of lead clips would charge you an extra tenner plus P+P just because the order is so small.It's actually done by quite alot of tackle dealers taking small orders as they must see it as a waste of their time so they charge the extra when infact they should be flattered that folk are using their services in the first place.
The i-net tackle shop that impressed me into writting this post are called Faction Carp Tackle and they make a point of explaining that they absorb the cost of UK delivery as they want to keep the customers prices down as much as posible.The free delivery isn't next day or anything quite as swift as that Faction say up to 5 days from the confirmation of the order but i still say that's a service to admire in a retailer.Next day delivery isn't a problem for £7 pounds it can be arranged without fuss.Overseas orders  are only available as far as the EU and will vary according to the size and weight of the package.
Payment of your items can be done in the usual online methods,Paypal,visa debit and the like with the necessary secure payment logo's displayed.
The merchandise itself is reasonbly priced offering the same quality on most of their stuff than any other i-net tackle store,for rig bits and so on Faction are the ideal retailer to make a B-line for.They also offer a good range of bait from Frank Warwick,Enterprise and Baitzone to name but a few.
Overall Faction carp tackle are decent online retailers and althought they may not have everything in the way of Carp tackle theres bound to be something there that you know your gonna need next time out,together with the free delivery we reckon you'll be sold.Check them out,open an account just in case you may want to take advantage of their free delivery.It's a thumbs up from us.
Here's Full details on their location and how to get in touch.
To order online visit  or click on the link.
You can email Faction for info they will be more than happy to oblige or you can telephone them on 01926 813487.

Faction Carp Tackle
The Granary
Stockton Hall Court
Rugby Road
CV47 8HS
United Kingdom
Please note: Unfortunately we do not have a showroom and cannot sell directly to customers at our premises. Sales can only be made via our website.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Keele Hall Lakes Campaign continues

Our campaign for the capture of the carp at Keele Hall lakes continues but it's a real challenge.Read our latest diary entry for a full report on how we are getting on.
Keele Hall estate lakes no walk in the park

Monday, 18 June 2012

Honesty is the best policy

Recently whilst out and about we got  talking to one of the manufacturers that we do reviews for and they asked us the question "why are you not covering Carpfest" aka The Great Northern Fishing Show.Our reply was a simple one and one to do with honesty.Also it has nothing to do with the organisers of Carpfest or any of the exhibitors.First of all we are a young site still trying to find our feet there are lots of little short cuts one could take and thats fine as long as it's honest and CAUK pride ourselves on honesty.If we  could we would turn up to every conference,show and seminar we could physicaly get to but such things are not that easy on a shoe string budget,although things are improving.So back to the Great Northern Fishing Show and as we are a northern based blog it would make sense for us to have covered that function,the thing is the venue that was hosting the show are not entirely honest with the customers who flock to fish there week in week out.We won't name the fishery in question only that the show will be held there on the 14th & 15th of July 2012.The problem we have with this particular venue is the way they lie on their website and they are lies claiming that they have fish far bigger than what they actualy have,it's false advertising it leads folk there under false pretence and it's not cheap either.We would just like to stress at this point that what is claimed on their site is 500 carp lots to 30Lb but if you look on their gallery or in the lodge at the fishery there is not one fish of 30Lb or anywhere near that to be seen,the amount of anglers who have frequented this place with a real hope of catching a 30 when there are none there makes me a little sick and to be blunt it's daylight robbery.The long and short of it is if you want somewhere to practice then this fishery is ok but if you want to stand a real chance of catching a fish over 25Lb then this venue is not for you and if trading standards could get definitive proof which is near on impossible because of the nature of the buissness then there would probably be a prosecution pending.One more thing the fishery complex in north Staffordshire we refer to we have fished extensively and our biggest fish out of 12 24hour sessions was a scraper 19Lb,12 x £25 do the math and wwe leave it to yourselves to guess the venue and make up your own mind.

UK Grass Carp Record Broken

Sorry about the pic guys it's the only one we can get for now
This is the first time a Grass carp has featured on Carp Anglers UK, as mentioned it's not the species that instantly pops into your head when you think of carp but we Carp Anglers UK pay homage to these fantastic looking creatures and to the man who has just broke the UK record,a common or mirror of this size would be the fish of a lifetime but a Grassie that size,well some anglers don't even manage to catch a Grass carp in their lives,the stuff dreams are made of!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Monday, 11 June 2012

Tackle up at Carp anglers UK with Amazon

Carp anglers UK are now able to offer it's audience the chance to purchase Carp fishing tackle via the link on our home page.It's easy,simply click on the widget and you will be taken to our Amazon astore where there is a large selection of Carp tackle which can be purchased online and when you have finished your retail therapy click on the carp anglers UK link to be brought back to the blog oh and all the tackle is very competitively priced,see easy!

Ace i3 wireless bite alarm review

Check out our Ace i3 alarm review in the tackle news and reviews section if your on the look out for new bite alarms,it might just help with decision making.

The "Hair Rig" A Brief History

Prior to the development of the 'Hair Rig' it was common practice to mount the bait directly onto the hook.Although Carp were still being caught to some degree it was acknowledged through the observations of how Carp fed that a more effective method of hooking the fish could be developed.The development of the 'hair rig' was no accident,in the late 70's forward thinking anglers Len Middleton and Kevin Maddocks would be the one's to develop the 'hair rig'.Watching the way Carp fed in a fish tank would be instrumental in the design of this soon to be devastating method of bait presentation.
Taking it's name from the material used (a human hair) the new method was to increase catch rates dramaticaly.Seeing how Carp would eat food offerings freely whilst quickly learning to avoid those with monofilament or hook shanks protruding out of them was to be the logic behind the new methods development,by attaching the bait to the hook via the hair it would become apparent that the bait acted far more naturaly in the water thus not spooking the Carp who were wary of food items that did not act naturaly in the water simply because it was mounted directly onto the hook.
This new method of presenting the bait to the Carp would be a revolution,one that would send catch rates soaring,the 'Hair Rig' was born,the great leveler and as history has shown Carp angling was never the same again.
Using the knotless knot to acheive the Hair rig

The Hair Rig

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Kryston Bogey Review

A very under used substance gets the CAUK once over in our tackle review section,see what we thought of Krystons Bogey and whether it's worth investing in a pot.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Venue Reviews

A thousand appologies for our absence besides fishing we have our jobs to hold down and wev'e be snowed under with our work commitments.That aside we have still managed to get out and do some fishing and we have some reviews of the waters we have visited being added to our venue review category in the next couple of days,also a short film of Chris fishing an undisclosed Staffordshire estate lake,the short film is condensed down as it was filmed over 4 sessions.Will he catch? Keep a look out for the film being uploaded to see.(Not going on you tube for six months see it here first)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Got some new rods

My new rods arrived today a set of three Freespirit Hi S 13ft 3.5 TC carp rods and am very pleased.These rods are a serious bit of kit and a real upgrade from my previous wands,not that the Nash Entitys were bad or anything on the contrary they have been great rods but the Freespirits really leave them standing.50 mm butt rings which as with the other rings and reel seat are of a premium standard the feel of them in your hands just tells you that youv'e got holds of some quality sticks.They even have my name beautifuly applied just above the clip.As for playing fish on well i will have to get back to you on that as i only got them today,but my ongoing campaign at Keele hall lakes will now benefit from a change of rods and i should be able to post what it's like to play a fish on my new Freespirits.
Freespirit HI S

Monday, 7 May 2012

Keele Estate Lakes

The first visit to Keele Hall estate lakes was so successful that our next visit will be filmed and published on You tube,keep watching.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Don't believe the hype!

Reading through a popular publication recently got me a little annoyed.The magazine in question is a popular carp fishing magazine which i am not going to name neither will i name the articles writter,see that's not what our blogs about but when something needs saying then we will say it.
The article was on rigs,specificaly the KD style way of whipping the hook to the hooklength.The article goes on saying that the simple ways are the best and all other complicated rigs ie the 360 rig ect are a waste of time yet in the very same publication some 3 years ago the same high profiled angler who says it's a waste of time actually gave a step by step instructed guide on how to tie the 360 rig.Furthermore the article from 3 years earlier couldn't praise Dave Lanes invented 360 degree rig enough saying the rig had accounted for most of his fish in the past 2 seasons.I wouldn't have bothered posting this article if the angler had have mentioned that he had wrote about it in the years previous and that he had changed his mind over time but there was no mention of it.The editor of the said publiction should be on the ball when it comes to issues like this especially when younger members of the angling community hang on the very words some of these high profile fisherman have put into prin,again the editor should have spotted this and sorted the issue,clearly time for some other angler to occupy the pages and without the hypocritical articles.CAUK.

CAUK Canal Carp Challenge 2012 update

The CAUK Canal Carp Challenge 2012 got underway on Saturday 14th April but as yet no one has reported a single capture so if we can remind you to send your pictures and capture details to us for research purposes it would be much appreciated.The blog is getting over 100 hits a day and it's increasing,so if you send in your photos they will be looked at and as mentioned previously if the challenge is a success this year there will be prizes on offer for next years challenge,the prizes have already been pledged by 3 tackle shops so get your canal carp photos in to us so we can get some prizes out for the next challenge.
To report your canal carp captures send picture,as much detail as posible on how your fish was caught and most importantly the stretch of canal the capture took place.
Email to :

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

CAUK Canal Carp Challenge 3 days to go

The Carp Anglers UK Canal Carp Challenge 2012 kicks off in ernest in 3 days,already we have had a few (to say the least) reports and pictures sent in by our blog readers but as we said they won't be published until after Saturday 14th April 2012 and it's not because of akwardness,it's purely so we can be ready if theres an influx of catch reports.Anyway don't forget if your going after carp on any of the canals that run through England then please send your pictures and catch reports to:

Monday, 9 April 2012

Carp fishing blog

Carp fishing blog,Carp anglers UK has only been online since February 2012 but has still managed to attract over 100 hits a day,a testament to the site itself.Well written reviews honest and unbiased,good advice on how to tie rigs and descriptive venue reports,The Carp anglers UK blog although young and still under construction is set to be a great resource and link to the UK carp fishing scene.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Rigs:The 90 Degree Rig

Our resident rig master gives instructions on how to tie the 90 degree rig,this devastatingly effective rig has been taking lakes apart and CAUK has the instructions for you,all revealed in our Rigs section.

Canal Carp Challenge Update

Carp Anglers Uk's Canal Carp Challenge 2012 kicks off in 2 days so if your going carp fishing on any of the canals in England and catch don't forget to send us your pictures and catch report,it's pretty important we need as much information as possible,why not let us know if your planning on taking part wev'e already got some inside information for a few stretches and will be glad to share what we know just drop us a comment or email with your location and if your in the right place we may be able to save you half the job.Good luck.CAUK.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Canal Carp Challenge 2012

These places are stuffed with carp

Many carp anglers are put off when it comes to fishing on UK canals,carp are notoriously elusive the sheer size of the canals equate to a vast body of water.Some canals hold more carp than others and besides from the stretches that have produced recorded carp catches in the past there is not a lot known about what carp are in what canals overall.It is this lack of information and knowledge that has given us the idea of launching the Canal Carp Challenge 2012.Carp Anglers UK are asking England's carp fisherman to take pictures,weigh and record all the details of each carp caught from any of the canals in England.It's common knowledge that the canals hold carp but the numbers and sizes of carp in the different canals across our country are not specific,unlike that of the stillwaters.It is our intention to gather as much information on the canal carp as possible over the coming year and present our findings on the Carp Anglers UK blog aswell as to any other party the information may be relevant to.
For the Canal Carp Challenge 2012 to be a success we need as much data as possible so the pictures and catch records sent to us really are important.The title of our project may suggest that we are running a competition when in fact we are challenging you to go and catch carp of any size and report it back to us.There are no prizes for the challenge this year but the person who sends us details of the most catches (not heaviest) will be named Canal Carp Challenge champion 2012.There will be prizes for the 2013 canal carp challenge a number of retailers have pledged prizes but our first year must generate enough participants to gather the data required for us to make an analysis of the carp content in our canals.
The 2012 Canal Carp Challenge will officially begin on the 14th April 2012,this is when the logging of the information you sent us will begin.This initiative will benefit all anglers in the long run,knowing our target species and the waters they inhabit is one of the most valuable pieces of information we can use in the successful pursuit of the fish we love to catch,Carp!
So if your targeting carp on any of the canals that are situated in England regardless of their size and weight,we want to know about it.

(The Canal Carp Challenge will only be collecting details of catches from canals in England.)

For more information on Canal Carp Challenge 2012 or to report a catch Email: 

REMEMBER: Anglers logging catches must supply the following,Name,Email,Location of catch,weight,tactic,bait and a picture.
Good luck and thank you to all who are planning to take part,the information you send us will be very valuable,CAUK.
Fishing in beautiful surroundings,bonus!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

That's it for another year,Closed season

River Severn at Montford bridge
If your going to go fishing on our rivers then you have probably one more day to do it legally,it's the end of the season and also time to renew our rod licenses.The tradition of closing our running waters is often a heavily debated one but there's no doubt in my mind that it is necessary.Pressure has to be taken off the rivers in order for our fish stocks to replenish and lets face it their up against it even in closed season with the chance of pollution and the increased predation problems some would argue if it made a difference at all.Yes it does and the people who call for the closed season to be abolished have either little understanding of the rivers Eco system or there after making money from a stretch of water they control or some piece of tackle designed to be used on a river,so if it does ever come to a vote on whether we should get rid of our closed season then the clever persons vote would be NO!

Be Prepared

Extended overnight fishing sessions,if your a serious specimen hunter whether it's Carp,Pike,Catfish or Barbel then the overnight session is an inevitable factor in the pursuit of your quarry.Last week myself and a friend decided to do our first overnighter of the year,i had checked the weather report on the internet for our region and it informed me that it was going to drop below freezing in the early hours.Taking note of this i equipped myself accordingly packing my bivvy over wrap and a season 4 sleeping bag aswell as the relevant clothing,ok the weight would be up on the barrow but to not have the correct gear can be damn right dangerous as i will explain.we arrived at Goldendale,our chosen venue and the weather  was really nice for the time of year.Starting to set up the first thing i did was to get my rods out i like to spend as much time fishing as possible and besides i can set up my base whilst waiting for a bite.This was also the case of my friend who also made getting his rods out a priority,this done we then proceeded to set up our bivvies,the first thing that struck me was how light my mates barrow was,i asked him if he had left some stuff on the van but he said he had brought everything.Anyway after making ourselves as comfy as possible we settled in for the night ahead and as predicted by the internet the temperature plummeted.Around midnight i shouted to see if my mate wanted a cuppa,there's nothing like a nice hot brew to lift your spirits in the freezing cold,i delivered his brew to him in his bivvy which had no overwrap and when i unzipped the door and looked inside he was shivering,there was also loads of condensation dripping down the inside walls of his shelter.I also noticed that the clothing he had on was completely inadequate for the temperatures we were going to have to endure.I did ask him if he thought he would be ok and he was adamant that he would be,i did in fact get on his case a little about how he wasn't really prepared for the session but he assured me that he would be ok.As the night wore on i had a couple of runs on culminating in the capture of a 26Lb 7oz common but the thing that struck me was the fact that he never once came out of his bivvy not to see my catch not even to tend to his rods,so i visited him in his bivvy again and this time when i saw him he was shivering uncontrollably he must have been at that stage of coldness for at least 3 hours.I told him to get the keys to the van and go turn on the heaters to warm himself up but he had got that cold he wasn't able to get up and do that.I got the stove from my bivvy and turned it on telling him to warm himself up enough to go and turn the heater on in the van and eventually he was able to do this.A little while later he was warm enough to be able to make it to the van where he remained for the rest of the session which was cut short because he had made himself really poorly through letting himself get to cold.It was that cold in the early hours of that morning that the condensation on the outside of my bivvy had turned to ice.The whole affair spoilt the session really,for myself it was the worry that my pal was freezing and for him that was a reality.If he had been well prepared and equipped we could have had quite a productive session,the fish where feeding.When i decided to cut the session short i had to pack my stuff up aswell as his,i even had to unload his tackle off the van when i dropped him off as he was unfit to help.He was actually bed ridden for 4 days after that,the cold had really got to him and it made him really poorly.Myself i could have quite happily stayed there for a couple of days not noticing the cold to any great extent and all because i had the foresight to be prepared.Freezing temperatures are a killer,it's a known fact and if extreme temperatures don't kill you then they will certainly make you very ill,it's always worth going that extra yard for comforts sake as this will keep your moral up after all if you lose your spirit whilst night fishing the session could become one big waste of time.Going on overnight sessions on a whim will almost certainly end with you at best going home with a runny nose and if your luggage weight has to go up a couple of kg's then so be it but for your own safety always be prepared,do a little research into the weather situation for the coming day or evening ahead this will help you to make an informed decision on what stuff you will need to take so you can fish comfortably for as long as your on the bank.Never go fishing overnight on a whim it's just a bad idea.CAUK. 

Monday, 12 March 2012

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mitchell Pro-cast 8000 big pit reel review

We got our hands on a new 2012 Mitchell Pro-cast read what we thought about the new big pit reel from the French reel masters.Read the full review in the tackle news and reviews cat.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tackle shop Directory painstaking

An update on our Tackle shop directory
Due to the shear amount of the tackle shops and retailers we have in England the job of compiling our directory is a very time extensive one.The decision to publish our tackle shop directory as it is being compiled was made because we thought that any information we could give out to the angling community would be mutually beneficial to both customer and retailer.We want our tackle shop directory to be as comprehensive as possible including not just the phone numbers but email and website addresses also,many directories of this nature fail to even include the shops postcode let alone email and website addresses,it is for this reason that the directory is in a state of construction but please be assured it will be complete soon.
If you own or manage a fishing tackle shop and would like to be included in the Carp Anglers UK tackle shop directory then please email all your shops details,Address & postcode,phone number including a mobile and if you have an email address and a website address include them also.Send them to:

Tackle,venues,rigs and carp news galour

For such a young blog things sure are getting busy.Carp Anglers UK will be flat out over the coming weeks as we have been given loads of tackle to test and plenty of invites to different venues finding time to write the reviews will be a task in itself,looks like were gonna be taking our laptops fishing with us.If your a keen carp fisherman why not pop back and tell us what you've been up to and if you've got any photos of your recent catches email them to us so we can get them put on,don't forget to tell us where,when,how and what you caught your Carp on.

Stanwick lakes review

Carp Anglers uk has published it's first venue review of prolific carp waters Stanwick lakes in Northamptonshire.The lads at CAUK have their work cut out this coming year as we strive to give you the low down on the best places to fish.Free,day ticket,members only or syndicate,Carp anglers UK will have up to date information on the fisheries we have visited.If there are any venues you would like to be reviewed then email us at  Although we cannot write a review for a venue until we have visited it we may be able to tell you when a specific venue is due for review,this is possible as we have a diary for dates when we will be fishing selected venues,again email us for information.CAUK.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Rig Putties on test

CAUK test and review Nash,Korda and TF Gear's rig putty,the full review can be read in the tackle news & reviews section.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Ground breaking underwater Carp angling footage

Carp Angling revolutionized thanks to these films.
The CAUK media page is now playing host to the full Korda underwater state of the art series,this set of underwater carp fishing films must have transformed a lot of specimen anglers fishing.All 6 in the series from beginning to end,enjoy,CAUK.

Carp Anglers UK Tackle shop Directory

 Carp Anglers UK Tackle shop Directory
Our comprehensive fishing tackle shop directory will soon be complete,easy to view and listed alphabetically in regions wherever you are in the country you should always be able to find a tackle shop in your area.If you do use our directory to find a particular shop,please mention this blog as the source of your contact.Many thanks CAUK.

Carp Anglers UK Helping to improve your Carp fishing

The purpose of this blog
I have been a keen angler since the age of 8 fishing for whatever i could catch and finding that i had an aptitude for catching fish.After i had been fishing for a couple of years i started to get a very good understanding of how my quarry behaved leading to ever more increasing catch results.I started to enter a few matches going on to win individually as well as within team situations.I then was chosen to represent my school winning the junior class nationwide championships twice before being asked to represent Greater Manchester transport as captain of their junior team gaining victories in numerous weekend and midweek leagues across the country.It was whilst fishing in these situations that i began to encounter some very big fish which on a regular basis destroyed my light match set ups which at that age i found sole destroying,the large fish that were taking me apart on so many occasions were none other than the magnificent carp.It was at this point that i decided to focus my attention on targeting these specimen fish and have been doing so ever since.Targeting large carp never loses any of it’s attraction for me as there always seems to be a constant learning curve and although i have had some massive fish over the years and become a very competent carp angler i know there is still a lot that i have to learn about these fish and the ever changing techniques in which to get them in the net.
Lots of my success at this sport has been due to the knowledge i have gained from other anglers who i find are probably the most unselfish class of sportsmen there are and i am always more than willing to learn what others have to teach as well as teaching others what i know,it’s satisfying to know someone is benefiting from what you have taught them and equally rewarding when you get good results from something newly taught to you.I believe that what you give out in life will come back to you in one form or another and it’s this philosophy that has spurred me on to start this blog.Whilst out fishing i lose count of the amount of times i get folk of all ages asking me how or why i am doing something in that particular way and to explain and get through to them is personally rewarding.
So i hope that by starting this blog it will result in the establishment of a community with a common interest in carp fishing and all it’s many aspects,i hope the carp blog will attract anglers of all abilities so those who posses good knowledge of the sport can educate those willing to learn and better their craft thus resulting in better conditions for us all,pulling together will safeguard our sport and conserve our fish stocks which are totally fundamental to our sport.
If your just beginning in the world of carp angling and want to find out specific information or if your part of the elite with some spare time to leave some of your valuable knowledge then please return and help us build an online carp anglers community that can benefit us all,the growth of UK carp anglers will take time to build as with any community but it will grow,thanks for reading this far and please return as your input is important.
If you have any queries as to how you can help the please email me.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Appearing in Carp anglers UK

News from the UK carp scene as it happens including a weekly news round up of all things carp.
Tactics,techniques and tips (we may possibly get some info from the best carp anglers in the country)
Tackle reviews,all the low down on current advancements in carp tackle.
Venues,from free fishing to pricey syndicate waters we will strive to keep you up to date with the best fishing venues across the nation.
Media,video and links to some great informative pieces featuring top class anglers.
A place for you to tell us what youv’e been up to and to show off your successes in our picture gallery,don’t forget your catch reports!
A comprehensive tackle shop directory and classified section.
Plus loads more stuff,but please remember to be patient this is a newly forming community and in order for The carp blog to be as thorough as it can it is prudent to take our time.
Many thanks CAUK.