Friday, 6 July 2012

Great Northern Fishing Show

The Great Northern Fishing Show is just around the corner.Cudmore Fisheries in Newcastle under lyme,Staffordshire will host the show which will see lots of the Carp angling elite mixing with the attendees aswell as top manufactures who will be displaying their wares including the likes of Korda,Trakker,Nash,Delkim,Diawa,Mainline and that's just a few.Theres going to be loads of stuff to wet the appetites of all us carp crazy folk,especially if the weathers good.So if you can make it you should but just incase you can't Carp Anglers UK will be there and we will fill you in on all you missed.
The Great Northern Fishing Show 14/15 July 2012 @ Cudmore Fisheries,Newcastle under lyme,Staffordshire.
If you read the popular angling publications The Great Northern Fishing Show is being billed on the same advertisment as the Carpfest events which have free entry.The Great Northern Fishing Show is NOT FREE ENTRY.Tickets are available in advance but you will be able to pay on the gate.For more information see

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