Monday, 9 July 2012

North West Carp

North West Carp forum
Any compulsive Carp angler with access to a computer and internet will be or have been,(at one time or another),a contributing member of a forum and by far the most popular forum for carp anglers we have encountered is the North West Carp forum.We here are both members and there's not many of our associates that aren't signed up with them.The North West Carp forum is a great platform for debate or general banter with your pals aswell as somewhere you can gain valuable knowledge due to the first class advice it's members are willing to share.The North West carp forum is a great asset to our angling discapline accomodating some great characters who are also an asset to our sport.
The moderators of the forum are always more than willing to help their members out,friendly,firm but fair your manners and respect towards fellow forum members will hold you in good stead with the site with a chance to build your forum status simply by contributing.Start your own threads or comment on others are a couple of ways you can enhance your forum status or simply read away.Remember though the forum is aimed at all ages male or female so any derogetory comments will quite rightly be removed and you may also lose your membership.
The quality and content of the forum are exellent and although it may sound regional please don't be put off. North West Carp are open to anglers nationwide,membership is free and only takes a minute.
Whatever your interest in carp fishing the North West Carp forum will have something of interest for you so if your looking to join a decent forum North West Carp are to be seriously considered.


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