Sunday, 15 July 2012

JRC Ultracast rod competition

JRC Ultracast rod competition reminder

Don't forget Carp Anglers UK are giving away a pair of 3Lb TC JRC  Ultracast Rods to one lucky person and all you have to do to be in with a shout is fill in the formlogix contact box.September 3rd at 12.00pm is the deadline,any entries after that time will not be included in the draw.
For more info on the whys and what's see the other post,it explains things in more detail.Good Luck.

Monday, 9 July 2012

North West Carp

North West Carp forum
Any compulsive Carp angler with access to a computer and internet will be or have been,(at one time or another),a contributing member of a forum and by far the most popular forum for carp anglers we have encountered is the North West Carp forum.We here are both members and there's not many of our associates that aren't signed up with them.The North West Carp forum is a great platform for debate or general banter with your pals aswell as somewhere you can gain valuable knowledge due to the first class advice it's members are willing to share.The North West carp forum is a great asset to our angling discapline accomodating some great characters who are also an asset to our sport.
The moderators of the forum are always more than willing to help their members out,friendly,firm but fair your manners and respect towards fellow forum members will hold you in good stead with the site with a chance to build your forum status simply by contributing.Start your own threads or comment on others are a couple of ways you can enhance your forum status or simply read away.Remember though the forum is aimed at all ages male or female so any derogetory comments will quite rightly be removed and you may also lose your membership.
The quality and content of the forum are exellent and although it may sound regional please don't be put off. North West Carp are open to anglers nationwide,membership is free and only takes a minute.
Whatever your interest in carp fishing the North West Carp forum will have something of interest for you so if your looking to join a decent forum North West Carp are to be seriously considered.


Friday, 6 July 2012

Great Northern Fishing Show

The Great Northern Fishing Show is just around the corner.Cudmore Fisheries in Newcastle under lyme,Staffordshire will host the show which will see lots of the Carp angling elite mixing with the attendees aswell as top manufactures who will be displaying their wares including the likes of Korda,Trakker,Nash,Delkim,Diawa,Mainline and that's just a few.Theres going to be loads of stuff to wet the appetites of all us carp crazy folk,especially if the weathers good.So if you can make it you should but just incase you can't Carp Anglers UK will be there and we will fill you in on all you missed.
The Great Northern Fishing Show 14/15 July 2012 @ Cudmore Fisheries,Newcastle under lyme,Staffordshire.
If you read the popular angling publications The Great Northern Fishing Show is being billed on the same advertisment as the Carpfest events which have free entry.The Great Northern Fishing Show is NOT FREE ENTRY.Tickets are available in advance but you will be able to pay on the gate.For more information see

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Underwater secrets

The submersible camera and the filming of Carp in their natural environment has become a great asset to us anglers who target the species.The abillity to examine the way the creatures behave around the rigs and bait that we have dropped into their homes has progressed our understanding of the carp and their routines far beyond the point of just being able to peer down through the waters layers with a pair of polaroids.
Brought to the attention of the Carp angling community by tackle giants such as Korda and subaqua photographers like Rob Hughes,the use of underwater cameras is set to become more popular as time passes,without doubt.
However,and i am no expert on this subject,but the filming of the Carp or indeed any other fish being angled for in their home environment must take skills surpassing the average keen photographer so for me it's easy to appreciate such undertakings as they bring masses of help to the way i approach my fishing,as i am sure it is the same for alot of other fanatical Carp fishermen.
Underwater Secrets is a site who's author has obviously got the gift/art of underwater filming down to a fine art.From the very first time i visited the site i was fascinated by the quality of the recorded footage.The site authors simple text that is written with each of their videos doesn't try to explain anything away in a know all fashion rather you are left to make up your own mind on what is happening and why.What has been put in the water in terms of rigs and bait are not overly explained,but there's enough for you to make an informed opinion on what's going on down there,besides if there is anything more you want to know about each piece of footage then you only have to ask.Underwater Secrets are obviously more than happy to answer any of your questions judging by the contact links on the site.Lay out and navigation are simple so going back and forth between videos is easy.Filmed in the Darenth valley area over the past 5 years and having a musical soundtrack rather than a narrated one Underwater Secrets is a great site uncomplicated in a lot of ways but totally invaluable in all the right ways.This site is fantastic and were hoping they keep the videos going up on the site for as long as possible.Brilliant!.
Follow this link to Underwater Secrets or you can get to it through your browser,whichever way you get there if your mad about your Carp fishing then you simply need to visit this site.