Wednesday, 18 April 2012

CAUK Canal Carp Challenge 2012 update

The CAUK Canal Carp Challenge 2012 got underway on Saturday 14th April but as yet no one has reported a single capture so if we can remind you to send your pictures and capture details to us for research purposes it would be much appreciated.The blog is getting over 100 hits a day and it's increasing,so if you send in your photos they will be looked at and as mentioned previously if the challenge is a success this year there will be prizes on offer for next years challenge,the prizes have already been pledged by 3 tackle shops so get your canal carp photos in to us so we can get some prizes out for the next challenge.
To report your canal carp captures send picture,as much detail as posible on how your fish was caught and most importantly the stretch of canal the capture took place.
Email to :

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