Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Don't believe the hype!

Reading through a popular publication recently got me a little annoyed.The magazine in question is a popular carp fishing magazine which i am not going to name neither will i name the articles writter,see that's not what our blogs about but when something needs saying then we will say it.
The article was on rigs,specificaly the KD style way of whipping the hook to the hooklength.The article goes on saying that the simple ways are the best and all other complicated rigs ie the 360 rig ect are a waste of time yet in the very same publication some 3 years ago the same high profiled angler who says it's a waste of time actually gave a step by step instructed guide on how to tie the 360 rig.Furthermore the article from 3 years earlier couldn't praise Dave Lanes invented 360 degree rig enough saying the rig had accounted for most of his fish in the past 2 seasons.I wouldn't have bothered posting this article if the angler had have mentioned that he had wrote about it in the years previous and that he had changed his mind over time but there was no mention of it.The editor of the said publiction should be on the ball when it comes to issues like this especially when younger members of the angling community hang on the very words some of these high profile fisherman have put into prin,again the editor should have spotted this and sorted the issue,clearly time for some other angler to occupy the pages and without the hypocritical articles.CAUK.

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