Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tackle shop Directory painstaking

An update on our Tackle shop directory
Due to the shear amount of the tackle shops and retailers we have in England the job of compiling our directory is a very time extensive one.The decision to publish our tackle shop directory as it is being compiled was made because we thought that any information we could give out to the angling community would be mutually beneficial to both customer and retailer.We want our tackle shop directory to be as comprehensive as possible including not just the phone numbers but email and website addresses also,many directories of this nature fail to even include the shops postcode let alone email and website addresses,it is for this reason that the directory is in a state of construction but please be assured it will be complete soon.
If you own or manage a fishing tackle shop and would like to be included in the Carp Anglers UK tackle shop directory then please email all your shops details,Address & postcode,phone number including a mobile and if you have an email address and a website address include them also.Send them to:

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