Tuesday, 13 March 2012

That's it for another year,Closed season

River Severn at Montford bridge
If your going to go fishing on our rivers then you have probably one more day to do it legally,it's the end of the season and also time to renew our rod licenses.The tradition of closing our running waters is often a heavily debated one but there's no doubt in my mind that it is necessary.Pressure has to be taken off the rivers in order for our fish stocks to replenish and lets face it their up against it even in closed season with the chance of pollution and the increased predation problems some would argue if it made a difference at all.Yes it does and the people who call for the closed season to be abolished have either little understanding of the rivers Eco system or there after making money from a stretch of water they control or some piece of tackle designed to be used on a river,so if it does ever come to a vote on whether we should get rid of our closed season then the clever persons vote would be NO!

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