Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Our first competition

The past couple of months have been pretty good as far as our audience goes and it's steadily getting bigger but we would like it to be even better and we are always searching for ways to better ourselves.We are by no means perfect and neither of us have computer skills that would get us head hunted by Microsoft.However we love fishing and when it comes to the subject of carp fishing we just can't get enough.Luckily we have been fortunate to have some very understanding folk in the industry who have taken a look at what were up to and have been kind enough to help us out in little ways such as passing us the odd bit of tackle to review and inviting us to fish their venues in exchange for a mention on our blog.We now have Facebook and Twitter pages linked to the blog and things just seem to be falling into place slowly.Our most important goal would be to service the carp angling community (whatever proficency) with news,reviews,tips ect,ect you know all the things a good blog should have included in them and so we now think it's time to run our first competition and it's definately worth entering.Our next post will have full entry details so if your feeling lucky and could do with some new tackle then your just gonna have to take a look at the next post,it's worth a look what have you got to lose?

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