Monday, 18 June 2012

Honesty is the best policy

Recently whilst out and about we got  talking to one of the manufacturers that we do reviews for and they asked us the question "why are you not covering Carpfest" aka The Great Northern Fishing Show.Our reply was a simple one and one to do with honesty.Also it has nothing to do with the organisers of Carpfest or any of the exhibitors.First of all we are a young site still trying to find our feet there are lots of little short cuts one could take and thats fine as long as it's honest and CAUK pride ourselves on honesty.If we  could we would turn up to every conference,show and seminar we could physicaly get to but such things are not that easy on a shoe string budget,although things are improving.So back to the Great Northern Fishing Show and as we are a northern based blog it would make sense for us to have covered that function,the thing is the venue that was hosting the show are not entirely honest with the customers who flock to fish there week in week out.We won't name the fishery in question only that the show will be held there on the 14th & 15th of July 2012.The problem we have with this particular venue is the way they lie on their website and they are lies claiming that they have fish far bigger than what they actualy have,it's false advertising it leads folk there under false pretence and it's not cheap either.We would just like to stress at this point that what is claimed on their site is 500 carp lots to 30Lb but if you look on their gallery or in the lodge at the fishery there is not one fish of 30Lb or anywhere near that to be seen,the amount of anglers who have frequented this place with a real hope of catching a 30 when there are none there makes me a little sick and to be blunt it's daylight robbery.The long and short of it is if you want somewhere to practice then this fishery is ok but if you want to stand a real chance of catching a fish over 25Lb then this venue is not for you and if trading standards could get definitive proof which is near on impossible because of the nature of the buissness then there would probably be a prosecution pending.One more thing the fishery complex in north Staffordshire we refer to we have fished extensively and our biggest fish out of 12 24hour sessions was a scraper 19Lb,12 x £25 do the math and wwe leave it to yourselves to guess the venue and make up your own mind.

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