Monday, 7 January 2013

Essential Waders

Waders,not at the top of every carp anglers list of kit but certainly here at Carp anglers UK they are classed as essential.Lets face it getting your feet wet can put pay to your session as moral can quickly drop when trhe cold sets in through being wet and at worst there could be some sort of cold related illness that gets hold of you if your not prepared.Just knowing you have a set of waders at your disposal can boost your confidence especially if you know you may have to get your feet wet,there's also the advantage of being able to get some great camera shots with you and your prize in the margins but that's secondary.
       Off putting to many may be the price of a pair of waders but offer waders to everybody men,women and children at a very competetive price.Polyurethane or neoprene,chest or thigh absolutely any size can have you kitted out for as little as £49.99 a small price to pay for keeping dry healthy and confident on the bank.
If your looking to kit yourself out with some waders then why not have a look here inexpensive good quality essential item for any serious angler.

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